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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

John Udelhofen, CEO of Laurus Technologies Inc., has been instrumental in the company’s growth and has plans to take it even further.

The company has done very well in the area of systems integration, identity management and ERP consulting. It’s critical for the company to build on its successes in these spaces and grow the existing lines of business in the markets currently served. As well as the firm has performed in these markets, Udelhofen believes the potential is far greater than what has been realized.

In 2007, the company invested in recruiting key management, sales and consulting talent to replace and augment the partnership in key operational roles, allowing the partners to contribute to broader efforts including strategy and planning.

Even though the growth potential for Laurus in the Chicago market has room to more than triple its current size, the company will benefit by replicating its core services in underserved markets. Udelhofen has targeted southern Wisconsin and the greater Minneapolis areas and others are under consideration.

The company has developed a mechanism for evaluating potential markets with regard to Laurus’ offerings and partnerships and is refining a proces to ensure successful entries into new markets.

Each successive line of business brought into the Laurus portfolio has increased the company’s relevance to its customers. Laurus is marching from providing high levels of service in technology fulfillment to software development to business application consulting.

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