Diversified safety Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

In 1995, Bob Peterson was one of the founders of Norcross Safety Products LLC. The company began with a single plant in Rock Island, Ill., which produced and marketed protective footwear.

NSP has successfully grown through organic growth combined with strategic acquisitions. Under Peterson’s vision, NSP has diversified into three segments — general safety and preparedness, fire service, and electrical safety — within the personal protective equipment market through acquisition of trusted, long-standing and well-recognized brands.

Key acquisitions, such as Morning Pride, North Safety Products and KCL, helped establish NSP as one of the most comprehensive product platforms in the personal protective equipment market and expand its global reach. NSP has continued to make acquisitions and, in total, has successfully integrated 12 companies into its operations.

The company is recognized as a leading provider and innovator of head-to-toe personal protective equipment. The company has 24 locations in nine countries throughout the world.

In addition to the successful strategic acquisitions, Peterson led the drive in 2005 to obtain additional financial resources through the sale of NSP to Odyssey Investment Partners, a private equity firm. This transaction provided valuable resources that allowed NSP to continue its successful track record of growth.

Peterson believes that NSP can continue to grow organically and improve its profitability through new product introductions, cross-selling opportunities, cost-savings initiatives and international expansion.

HOW TO REACH: Norcross Safety Products LLC, www.nspusa.com