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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

Daniel Arnold has forged his own path as an entrepreneur and is a true visionary.

Arnold, founder, owner and president of Road Ranger LLC, is rarely swayed by conventional thinking and often garners negative initial reactions from conservative business professionals, only to later have them acknowledge the genius in his foresight. He fears no decision other than that of making no decision, and he has a voracious appetite for attacking problems and adversity.

He originally founded Road Ranger with $5,000 in 1984, and for the next six years, he fought against stiff competition and put all of his resources at risk to take market share from established competitors. He gained notice, selling the operating assets of the company in 1990 to Phillips Petroleum. But his interest in mastering the industry didn’t go away, and he jumped back into the business in 1997, when it was struggling and began growing Road Ranger again.

Today, those who choose Road Ranger as an employer are people who are attracted to and fed by the entrepreneurial spirit that Arnold conveys in every interaction with employees.

He has a deep desire to lead and to be the first to market with new offerings at Road Ranger, which runs convenience stores. It is not enough for him to execute successfully on proven concepts; instead, he drives the company to offer products and value to the customer that it has not seen before.

In addition, Arnold has created a unique image with Road Ranger that the public recognizes and that sets it apart from its competitors. The company has gained regional name recognition and influence by selling Road Ranger proprietary coffee, drinks and fast-food items.

Going forward, Arnold is pushing Road Ranger toward national influence through continued expansion ideas and exciting new image presentations.

For More Information: Road Ranger, www.roadrangerusa.com