Driving force Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

Doug Waggoner, CEO of Echo Global Logistics, understands the intricacies of the antiquated transportation industry and recognized in Echo the next evolution in transportation management.

His knowledge and personal interest in technology were the foundation of the Echo business model: To marry the two markets and develop new transportation solutions for shippers. Waggoner’s leadership has led to the development of new and innovative solutions for age-old transportation problems through unique technology applications. Applying investments in innovative technology, combined with Echo’s procurement leverage and strategic service model, have proven a powerful combination.

When Waggoner took over leadership of Echo, the company served about 700 clients. Since then, the company has partnered with more than 10,000 clients, and by addressing the challenges of shippers through a proven business model, coupled with Waggoner’s dynamic leadership, Echo’s revenue has grown more than 623 percent.

Employee creativity and innovation are the foundation of Echo Global Logistics’ dramatic growth. The company creates a tailored transportation solution for each client, and Waggoner and his senior management team have created a culture of concentrated technology innovation that gives each team member significant creative latitude. As a result, the service and technology teams collaborate to create the most inventive solutions to solve clients’ business problems.

Like no other company in the transportation industry, Echo is focused on helping companies achieve best-in-class evolved transportation management processes.

The transportation industry is a $1.4 trillion marketplace, and Waggoner has established a vision for growth and built Echo’s infrastructure to handle the needs of a billion-dollar company. Its proprietary technology is scalable and flexible, and combined with Waggoner’s dedication to stay on top of the market, there is no ceiling for Echo’s growth.

For More Information: Echo Global Logistics, www.echo.com