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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Private Equity/Venture Capital Backed

Bob Post joined TRAVELCLICK in 2004 as chief financial officer and was named CEO in 2005, and since then, he’s consistency delivered aggressive growth and profitability for both the company and its hotel customers.

In his five years of leadership, he’s seen both the great times and the worst economic times as hotel revenues dropped by 30 percent in the recent recession.

One of his key strategies has been innovative pricing structures that align the company’s interests with those of its hotel customers. TRAVELCLICK shares the rewards and some of the risk with clients based on revenue performance, and this approach has created customer loyalty and also allowed the company to sell other services to participating properties, which has created organic growth in the business.

On top of capturing market share, Post also looks for strategic acquisitions. He focuses on companies that provide niche products but lack effective market distribution and that can fit within the umbrella of the company’s software-as-a-service platform.

While the downturn has affected the business, Post has stayed true to a key strategy of maintaining focus on the customer and expanding the core business. He’s guided the company to a revenue compounded annual growth rate of 28 percent since joining the company. On top of that, he’s guided the business to an earnings compounded annual growth rate of 45 percent. As a result of this growth, the company now works with more than 15,000 hotel customers in 140 countries. Additionally, the company even managed to grow in 2009 — a huge feat to achieve when many businesses bled money and the industry average was a 30 percent revenue drop.

This achievement was clearly a result of the excellent leadership that Post demonstrated in the business.

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