Move ’em out Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010

There is no doubt that Maureen Beal understands the importance of change, evolution and the entrepreneurial spirit. She is the president and CEO of National Van Lines, after all, a company founded by her grandfather just prior to the first days of the Great Depression. She is a part of the third generation of her family to run the company, and because she was raised in the shadow of one of the larger moving companies in the nation, she has listened to the stories so many times about how the generations before her built the brand from a horse and a cart to a fleet of trucks and employees.

Technology has played a large role in that development, of course. During the 17 years since she moved to the top of National Van Lines, Beal has embraced technology to improve the moving process for customers and employees. Paperwork is scanned and available electronically so that it will be available at any time during a move — a process that is often stressful enough without missing documents.

Beal has also helped the company develop a call center to set appointments for agents based on Internet leads. This has allowed for continued development online, not to mention increased communication with customers.

One of Beal’s first positions with the company was to work the switchboards as an operator. That experience played a part in her focus on customers and customer relations. Is it any surprise that, with her at the helm, National Van Lines has been ranked as the top major van line in household relocation customer service for 13 straight years? It shouldn’t be. Beal listened when she worked the switchboards, and she listened to those childhood stories. Now, she is delivering.

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