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Packaged success Featured

10:42am EDT June 28, 2005

Robert Ontiveros started with a vision to create a better packaging company that truly serves the needs of its customers.

He had few financial resources, but his vision led to the creation of additional companies: R&O Specialties and Group O direct. All of his businesses are incorporated under the holding company named Group O Inc.

The company distributes indirect packaging materials and equipment, as well as provides fulfillment, outsourcing, printing and other services to Fortune 500 companies.

His strategy from the beginning has been to focus on customer service, listen to customers' problems and find creative solutions. The company faces fierce competition from much larger companies, but Ontiveros has given salespeople the authority to make on-the-spot decisions. This strategy has led to significant wins over better-equipped and better-financed competitors.

Integrating people, process and technology is the company's tagline, and this applies equally to employees and customers.

The company has realized tremendous growth over the past few years, all of it organic and directly related to the company listening and responding to customer needs.

Group O Inc. is one of the largest employers in the Quad Cities area and is actively involved in the community. Ontiveros says that Junior Achievement is his first love because of the group's emphasis on entrepreneurship and the fact that 75 percent of the participants are from the neighborhood where he grew up.