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Racing to the top Featured

11:22am EDT June 27, 2006
Chris Paulsen’s love affair with racing began when he worked on cars as a teenager.

His passion led him to become a chief mechanic for an IndyCar team and he went on to found C&R Racing. The company is currently the largest and preferred supplier of radiators for NASCAR, the Indy Racing League, the Champ Car Series and various other racing series.

In January of last year, C&R South was opened in North Carolina to manufacture drive-train components for the NASCAR series. Paulsen says the drive-train components that the series currently uses are not as advanced as other parts and he thinks that there is room for substantial growth in this area.

His innovative strategies include:

  • Paulsen has a full-time team of engineers on-site to design and custom build parts for the future of racing. He chooses to lead the way in parts designed and manufactured by C&R and recognizes racing is a technology-driven sport. Because many of his innovations are copied by competitors, he has to stay one step ahead in the design and manufacture of custom parts.
  • C&R has affiliations with Visteon, one of the largest U.S. auto parts suppliers, and General Motors, and works closely with racing teams and various racing series leaders to stay in the forefront of the design and engineering of custom parts. These affiliations allow C&R to recognize and capitalize on upcoming changes and opportunities in customer automotive parts.

How to reach: C&R Racing, www.crracing.com