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Captive audience Featured

11:30am EDT June 27, 2006
Bill Garvey has a long history in sales and management in various companies in the recreational vehicle industry, from entry-level sales to vice president of sales.

Garvey used this experience and an attitude of never being afraid to take on new challenges or risks to start Classic Transport in 1993. He knew that given his experience and ability to surround himself with competent people, he could make his concept of a recreational vehicle and box truck transportation/delivery company a success.

Classic Transport delivers RVs, both towable and drivable models, and box trucks from the manufacturers to dealers and end-users.

After some trial and error, Garvey has focused the business model on delivering vehicles in markets that can support stand-alone satellite locations. Garvey introduced the first captive fleet of drivers and technology infrastructure to a single manufacturer for a contracted term. That has proven so successful he is considering other such locations in his current service area as well as in other states.

Garvey has also used an innovative recruiting strategy for drivers. He uses magazine and Internet ads focused on the exact demographic of the current fleet of drivers along with a referral program. The Web site allows new drivers to schedule training and existing drivers to plan their schedule.

Drivers are key to the business, so Garvey gives them open and ongoing access to him and the rest of the management team.

How to reach: Classic Transport Inc., www.classic-transportinc.com