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Growth options Featured

12:21pm EDT June 27, 2006
When Ken Riesch became the sole owner of R&R Insurance Services in 1990, he had one thing in mind: growth.

The company has since become one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the state. Riesch uses extensive strategic planning with his managers to facilitate growth and creativity. Major strategies include:

  • Re-investment for growth. Riesch reinvests a substantial portion of his earnings back into the business. This provides the company with the resources necessary to expand existing technologies as well as to develop new technologies, explore new avenues of growth and provide the level of compensation and training required for high-producing employees.


  • Fostering organic growth. Gaining new customers requires an investment of a large portion of the company budget in extensive advertising. To be competitive in the insurance business, Riesch believes that you need to do more than just knock on doors. Whether through sponsoring community events or producing commercials and billboards, Riesch is always looking for new and innovative ways to brand R&R’s name and create new clients.

Riesch also says it’s important to invest in employees. Once employees are hired, he fosters a strong entrepreneurial spirit within his organization by providing those employees the latitude to do what they do best.

He encourages his employees to manage the agency and sees himself as the “energy” behind the scene. In hiring and retaining employees, Riesch also focuses on creating career paths for them.

How to reach: R&R Insurance Services, (262) 953-7203 or www.rrins.com