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12:30pm EDT June 27, 2006
Jeffrey C. Jones is committed to bettering the education system.

As the managing director of Solution Tree, he oversees the company’s efforts to develop relationships with authors in the education field with a focus on school improvement and youth at risk.

Solution Tree publishes and distributes its materials and facilitates professional development of educators through the conferences and on-site training.

The company’s innovative strategies include:

  • Focusing on the authors. The authors are the key to the pipeline of future materials, successful events, and development of new ideas and approaches. The result is a symbiotic relationship: Success for the authors gains further success for Solution Tree.


  • Successful conferences. The company has created successful conferences by restructuring the events to create a more positive and favorable experience for the participants. It has also reconfigured the basic profile of these events to cut costs and expand participation through greater accessibility.


  • Expanding technology for staff development. There are two new areas: Web/video delivery of staff development programs and real-time mentoring for educators through the use of live video and audio feedback. Solution Tree conducts extensive research and evaluation of new ideas before investing significant resources for controlled growth/expansion.

All Solution Tree employees participate in a profit-sharing plan. The organizational structure is flat with the staff organized in teams, each working collaboratively with Jones.

How to reach: Solution Tree, (812) 331-9697 or www.solution-tree.com