Surgical precision Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Jim Pearson, president of Suros Surgical Systems Inc., sets the example of work hard and you will be rewarded, and make time for family and friends so that you can remain happy and productive at work.

He balances work and family commitments and encourages employees to find a healthy balance that helps the success of the business.

He realizes that employees who are rewarded for their hard work at the office excel both professionally and personally, and he encourages a family atmosphere through employee and family events.

Pearson’s calculated risks have led the company, which is a division of Hologic Inc., to pioneer new paths in breast biopsy, such as MRI-guided breast biopsy and the development of a new ultrasound-only biopsy tool that gives clinicians the ability to offer women with challenging breast lesions a nonsurgical approach to biopsy.

Suros Surgical Systems established MRI screening and breast biopsy as legitimate and necessary tools for screening high-risk women at least three years in advance of organizations such as the American Cancer Society.

It was only this year that the society changed its longtime screening guidelines to include MRI for high-risk women, helping to make this imaging modality more mainstream and covered by insurance.

Having MRI-guided breast biopsy that is approved by such agencies is expected to save hundreds or thousands of lives thanks to early cancer detection.

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