Building respect Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Michael Boro, president, and Carmen Dodaro, executive vice president, have had a vision for FCL Builders to become one of the largest and most respected construction companies in Illinois — a singular vision in the pursuit of excellence.

This vision is quickly becoming a reality. The company has experienced incredible growth, not only in revenue, but also in employee base, project scope, and client and subcon-tractor relationships.

The partners of the firm believe that by listening to the needs of their clients and addressing those needs they are making improvements and adding value to their projects as well as their relationships.

FCL continues to maintain the company’s personality while continuing to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations to make the most of their capital resources.

Diversification has helped FCL retain a talented staff. Adding to the company’s portfolio challenges employees and keeps the work from becoming redundant. By not putting a ceiling on growth of scope, there is also not a ceiling on the growth of employees.

FCL’s wide range of preconstruction services sets it apart from competitors. By providing more than 30 predevelopment services, including pricing, layouts, budgeting, engineering, sketches and soil analysis, FCL Builders is a leader in its field.

FCL’s retail portfolio includes a variety of high-profile projects such as Pasquesi Home and Gardens in Lake Bluff, Ill.

The company has recently incorporated in six other states in response to requests from customers.

HOW TO REACH: FCL Builders Inc., or (630) 773-0050