Crystallizing talent Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Because Rubicon Technology Inc. began with a new crystal-growth technology that was being developed and refined for a brand-new industry, fostering innovation and creativity was never a challenge — it was an absolute necessity.

When Raja Parvez took the helm, the challenge was to harness the creative energies of the company without smothering them. His experience in building successful business models for larger corporations combined with his respect for the innovative drive of his new employees to create an environment where creative, well-educated, highly motivated employees would be constantly challenged to apply their minds to specific challenges.

Parvez is a leader who is willing to pair up the most free-thinking, out-of-the-box problem-solver with the most highly educated, disciplined engineer and challenge them to work together on accomplishing a common goal. At the same time, he is a teammate who will make sure that the different personalities will work together with respect and determination to accomplish their common goal.

Knowing that the best results will be achieved when a diverse group of people are brought together, he has fostered an environment where teams are comprised of people with Ph.D.s and people with GEDs.

Parvez understands that while pure creativity can generate incredible results, to build a credible and sustainable business requires a structure and vision that drives creative energy to dependable results. He says you have to understand the importance of developing new technologies as well as the importance of quickly transforming those new technologies into sustainable processes.

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