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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Not many technology professionals would have started an IT consultancy firm in the immediate aftermath of the tech wreck, but Chris Dalton thought it was the perfect moment.

“I had seen enough examples of what didn’t work and knew that if we put together the right kind of consultancy, based on what defunct dot-com firms had not done, we couldn’t lose,” Dalton says.

Five years later, the company has a compound annual growth rate of 70 percent and an organically grown head count of more than 280. Dalton’s instinct was right on the money, and Acquity Group has thrived in a highly competitive arena that has a 90 percent failure rate, without taking a cent of venture capital.

As president and CEO, Dalton focuses on going head to head and winning business from the biggest firms in the industry. He creates and implements holistic solutions that satisfy marketplace demand.

Dalton’s passionate leadership and eye for innovation was instrumental in the rapid growth of the company’s technology offering, Commerce OnDemand. In less than a year, clients as diverse as Menard’s and Burton Snowboards have signed up to benefit from Acquity Group’s integrated e-commerce solution and world-class expertise.

In March 2007, The University of Illinois at Chicago inducted Dalton into the prestigious UIC Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

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