On the move Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Robert Post, president and CEO of TravelCLICK Inc., a provider of e-commerce solutions for the global hospitality industry, brings to his leadership role an inventive, entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with the financial acumen of a seasoned chief financial officer.

He leads a staff of 425 worldwide, who serve 12,000 TravelCLICK clients in 145 countries.

Throughout his 23 years of executive experience, Post has demonstrated a talent for making companies more successful through fresh thinking, straight talking and bold doing. He consistently motivates his staff to seize opportunities, take calculated risks and meet obstacles head on.

Since joining TravelCLICK in 2004, Post has been aggressive to place the company in a leadership position and create sustainable advantages over competitors in all segments. Under his leadership, the company has regained the momentum to drive a 25 percent organic compounded annual growth rate while acquiring and integrating three companies. The most recent acquisition of a hotel Internet marketing company — at the same time that TravelCLICK was seeking funds to recapitalize — typifies Post’s willingness to take risks and break new ground.

As competition from pure Internet marketing and reservation technology companies threatened to encroach, he moved swiftly to acquire the company that could best create advantage for TravelCLICK. The acquisition triggered a scramble by competitors, while his company strengthened its position through recapitalization, paving the way for a future of continued expansion and superior performance.

HOW TO REACH: TravelCLICK Inc., www.travelclick.net