Sustainable designs Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009

As with any company, Farnsworth Group — a full-service engineering and architecture firm based in Bloomington, Ill. — has faced obstacles and challenges throughout the years.

But with a thorough understanding of the business, Karen Jensen, president and CEO, has been able to foresee those challenges and take a proactive approach to resolve them. Jensen creates a culture of mutual respect among all employees in the organization and appreciates the unique talents that each person has to offer. She encourages feedback and input from employees at all levels of the organization and empowers them to make decisions and offer ideas to make things happen. As a result, the staff has the tools to succeed, and employees receive guidance and direction along the way.

No year has been more uncertain than 2009, with a shaky economy and the tightening grip of a financial crisis, but Jensen is leading an aggressive approach. She is focusing on being proactive in her business pursuits and is being readily adaptable to the marketplace. At the onset of the downturn, she assembled the company’s leadership team, identified core market areas that would benefit the company in the economic downturn and set forth a strategy to penetrate those areas. To date, that foresight has paid off, as the company continues to thrive.

While the company has gained a reputation for providing traditional engineering and architecture services, Farnsworth Group has also positioned itself as one of the nation’s leading sustainable design companies. Jensen recognized this market area as a rapidly growing industry and committed the company’s resources to making it successful.

Her guidance has positioned the company not only as a leader in the sustainable marketplace but has also renewed its culture into that of a green company.

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