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Naturally successful Featured

8:23am EDT June 28, 2006
When the natural gas industry was deregulated in 1986, Andrew R. Fellon saw there were no real growth opportunities in his career as an industrial marketing engineer with Columbia Gas System.

As a result, he left his job in 1987 to assist in the start of Centran Corp.’s gas division.

In less than five years, Fellon was senior vice president overseeing national accounts, responsible for the company’s largest client accounts, the national sales efforts and the company’s eastern division operation.

Although Fellon’s division was doing well, Centran’s other divisions were not, and with the help of John McCord, he initiated the purchase of the division. The purchase fell through, but seeing the opportunity for a new enterprise, they formed Fellon-McCord & Associates Inc. in 1992.

Traveling the country and working 18-hour days seven days a week, they had their first customer in the first two weeks. Within 12 months the company had contracts with clients like Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America to provide natural gas consulting and management services. Today, the company maintains these relationships and manages natural gas supply and transportation services for more than 3,000 facilities in North America.

In 1993, Fellon created Alliance Gas Services to meet the needs of natural gas supply, transportation and related services. To fund the credit facilities needed, it entered into a joint-venture arrangement with Consumers Power.

In 1995, Conoco Natural Gas and Fellon negotiated the formation of Alliance Energy Services Partnership, 50 percent owned by both parties, and in 2001, Allegheny Energy acquired the Alliance division and Fellon-McCord.

However, Allegheny was closely tied to Enron, and when Enron filed for bankruptcy, Allegheny returned to its core business and disposed of Alliance.

Once again, Fellon had to build a business. He struck a deal with Constellation Energy Group in 2003, and today he has successfully integrated acquired businesses and continues to grow organically throughout North America, with a focus on Fellon-McCord’s consulting and management services in Europe.

Recently Louisville-based Fellon-McCord was ranked 14th on a list of the Top Places to Work in Kentucky.

How to reach: Fellon-McCord & Associates Inc., (502) 214-6330 or www.fellonmccord.com