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A foundation for success Featured

9:49am EDT June 28, 2006
William Crum and Gary Libertini have succeeded by creating a niche for themselves in the single-family homebuilding market.

Instead of building homes and then finding buyers, American Heritage Homes Corp. builds on lots already owned by the future homeowner, targeting high-traffic areas that are 30 to 60 minutes outside of Columbus. Their average home is on a lot of two acres to five acres with an average price of $184,000.

The concept has served them well, and in 2005, American Heritage completed 122 homes.

Before Crum and Libertini formed American Heritage in 1995, Crum was an independent builder focusing on high-end homes, and Libertini, who has an architecture degree, worked for another homebuilder.

They started their business with $200 in the garage of a model home that Crum had completed as an independent builder. They drafted plans for their initial model, put together a brochure and ran an ad advertising a low-price model.

In addition to their award-winning designs and workmanship, the key to their success is providing great service to their customers, from design through final inspection. Customers have a designer and personal builder available 24/7 and can adjust the model as needed.

Libertini and Crum also provide expertise on using the right materials, and believe it is important to explain to their customers exactly what is going into the home, even if it is something that cannot be seen in the finished product.

American Heritage Homes was named one of the 101 Best Employers in Resident Building in a nationwide competition in 2002 and 2003. They have also donated labor and materials to build a house that was later sold by Fairfield Christian Academy in Lancaster. As a result, the academy was able to buy a school bus and put a down payment on a second one.

Based on the strong foundation Crum and Libertini have built over the past 10 years, American Heritage Homes will be a strong presence in the local market for years to come and may expand to other regions in the future.

How to reach: American Heritage Homes Corp., (614) 498-1128 or www.myamericanheritagehome.com