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From the ground up Featured

10:01am EDT June 28, 2006
David Dysinger knew when he was 17 that he wanted to own his own business, but it took nearly a decade before he struck out on his own.

With years of experience honing his tool and die skills, in 1971, he went to work for himself, becoming a contractor for local tool shops, and in 1973, he founded Dysinger Tool and Dye. For more than a year, he was the company’s only employee, specializing in helping larger machine shops with overflow work.

In 1995, Dysinger changed the name of his business to Dysinger Inc., and by 1998, had grown the company to 116 employees operating in three small plants. Then disaster struck.

That same year, the company lost its top five customers due to client issues, costing Dysinger 40 percent of its revenue. Nearly everyone was let go, leaving 12 employees to keep the company running, and four of those were family members.

Suddenly Dysinger was faced with the new challenge of running a family business, trying to maintain relationships without sacrificing the business. Despite the challenges, Dysinger said the atmosphere provided strength, dedication and passion, and in 2001, that paid off, as Dysinger’s son, a salesman with the company, identified an opportunity to manufacture and assemble specialized machines for a large customer. That resulted in a $12.5 million contract, and the company was once again on its way.

To deliver on the contract, Dysinger increased his staff to 38.

Today, the Dayton-based company specializes in precision machining and reverse engineering, serving clients across several industries. Dysinger’s goal is to double the value of his business in the next three years, and again in another three years.

And as the business grows, so do Dysinger’s philanthropic initiatives — last year alone, he donated more than $250,000 to local charities and organizations.

How to reach: Dysinger Inc., (937) 297-7761 or www.dysinger.com