A great opportunity Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Tom McGuire, Matt Ott and Dick Beaven had an opportunity in 1998 when their boss exclaimed that he would sell this company for 2 cents. The three, referred to as the MOB based on the initials formed by their last names, discussed the opportunity and bought Air Hydro Power, albeit for more than 2 cents.

Each member of the MOB is considered a vice president and owns one-third of the motion control solutions business. Each focuses on a different branch of the business, but they all operate with the principle of doing the right thing each and every time.

The secret to their success comes from the hiring and training of good people.

They know that if they have good associates who become knowledgeable representatives who can solve customer problems, then the business will grow because customers will keep coming back.

“The only way to attain our goals is with great people — people who care and gain satisfaction from a job well done,” according to McGuire, Ott and Beaven. “Dedicated associates have brought us to where we are today. When combined with great customers, it is truly a win-win situation.”

Nearly 10 years later, the MOB have grown Air Hydro Power to levels the previous owners never envisioned, and the three continue to look toward the future by maintaining the values that have gotten them where they are.

HOW TO REACH: Air Hydro Power, (270) 823-7464 or www.airhydropower.com