LifeCare Alliance Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

His years in for-profit industry behind

him, Charles W. Gehring brought a critical

focus to LifeCare Alliance in 2001.

LifeCare, a nonprofit organization that is

charged with providing health and nutrition services to those in need in Central

Ohio, is in an industry where turnover is

rampant. Even though LifeCare’s rate of 70

percent was below the average for the

industry, Gehring knew that his company

couldn’t maximize the assets it had with

such outstanding rates.

Pulling ideas from his time in various

financial and operational management companies like Anheuser-Busch Companies

Inc. and Sanese Services Inc., he made

engaging employees one of his top missions. By creating a management training program that helped with retention

and goal planning, he was able to

decrease the number of employees who

saw the company as a short-term opportunity. Focusing more carefully on the hiring practices and the evaluation process

for employees, he created a more valid

system to ensure that the proper filters

were in place for employees.

From there, he established Vision 2010,

a comprehensive strategic plan that

included more than 300 goals from 20

areas of the agency. He already knew the

company had a great cause, but aligning

employees around it hadn’t been a top priority before Gehring’s time. By truly

focusing on employee relations, he was

able to make LifeCare a destination career

instead of a job for those passing through.

As a result, LifeCare’s turnover rates have

dropped to less than 20 percent.

HOW TO REACH: LifeCare Alliance, (614) 278-3130 or