Building the vision Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Paul Hemmer Jr. knows his family had a great name in construction in the greater Cincinnati area, but his vision spans well beyond Ohio and Kentucky.

Hemmer, CEO of Paul Hemmer Cos., comes from a family that has been in the construction business in some form or another for more than 85 years.

When John Hemmer, Paul’s grandfather who originally started the family construction business, retired, Paul and his father, Paul Sr. started the Paul Hemmer Cos. in 1982.

While the family history was a good starting point, the new company was anything but an old-fashioned construction company. Hemmer’s vision was to tackle new challenges and truly put an entrepreneur’s touch on the construction business. Because of that drive, Paul Hemmer Cos. today has three different business lines: real estate and developmental services, design and construction services, and facilities management services.

With the expansion of services offered, the company has been able to grow consistently over the last 25 years, as it has more than 180 employees today, but it’s also been able to expand to new geographical challenges. With Paul Hemmer Jr. leading the company’s vision for the future, new divisions were formed, including a facility for the maintenance service operation in Hebron, Ky., in 2004 and a real estate and construction branch opened in Chicago.

With the Hemmer name spreading word of quality construction service to new areas, it won’t be long before it’s known well beyond state lines.

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