Happy at home Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

So many great things in life start at home.

Just ask David Ganzsarto, CEO of Alternate Solutions HomeCare, and Tessie Ganzsarto, the company’s president.

David, who grew up an entrepreneur, met more than his mate when he teamed up with Tessie, who was previously employed in a home health care organization.

When Tessie’s previous employer was bought out, her career was changed, and she felt empty. And so, the two decided it was time to take their lives in a new direction, first starting up in 1999 with supplemental staffing from an agency that supplied labor to home health care facilities and hospitals in the Dayton area.

They hit the natural bumps that come with starting up a business, but the lessons of Tessie’s empty feeling never went away.

Even as the company has continued to grow, David still meets with all 326 employees annually to get to know them on a personal level. With the goal of being the preferred provider for customers, the starting point is taking care of the employees who serve those customers. During those personal meetings with David each employee creates their own performance standards that help drive their personal goals as well as the goals of Alternate Solutions. As a result of those personal efforts, the care given by employees is exactly what the company needs to push it forward: Customer surveys have produced an average rate of 94 percent satisfaction. That, to say the least, makes for quite a happy home.

HOW TO REACH: Alternate Solutions HomeCare, (937) 298-1111 or www.ashomecare.com