Pace maker Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

By his own admission, Richard Hearn has had his hand in enough muddled businesses to know what he’s doing.

With the nerves required for his previous stint as a Formula 1 powerboat racer running through his body, Hearn has just never quite been able to get the hang of working for somebody else. Instead, he’s a self-motivated entrepreneur who has created startup after start-up and watched the things that can happen. And, oh, the things he’s seen. He’s dealt with everything from a company that couldn’t sustain any growth to a technology company that was a huge hit before the dot-com bust came and fizzled even more after he sold it off to a woefully undermanaged buyer.

But the racer lives on in Hearn, who is the founder and CEO of Crown Partners LLC, and, though he’s happy to be going for another entrepreneurial ride, he’s more protective of his hard-earned success. He took on his latest challenge with Crown, which provides innovative, line-of-business solutions based in enterprise software and platform utilities, and the company is growing quite quickly. With an innovative model that combines software engineering and service professionals, Hearn is driving the company’s focus on scalability and long-term profitability. But, today, Hearn turns down venture capitalists and other investors looking to jump on board, and instead, he carefully manages his company’s organic growth. Rather than letting anyone else spoil his latest success, he focuses on the company’s infrastructure to build growth that is solid and sustainable.

HOW TO REACH: Crown Partners LLC, (937) 723-2300 or