Ohio Mutual Insurance Group Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010



Jim Kennedy is not one to waver when an important decision needs to be made. Within his first week on the job at Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, he convinced his board to spend $5 million to implement a new operating system. This was only two years after the company had spent $3 million upgrading a system that Kennedy now wanted to scrap.

His ability to get the new system implemented and working effectively paved the way for a great deal of faith in his leadership as the firm’s new president and CEO.

Kennedy implemented a new list of guiding principles that encompass Ohio Mutual Insurance Group’s strategic objectives, its vision statement, and its mission and values. Every project and business decision is directed by these principles and ensures a consistency of service and a commitment to a common cause among everyone in the firm.

One of Kennedy’s favorite phrases is, “It’s harder to wear a medal than it is to earn it.” This phrase perfectly describes the way Kennedy not only approaches his leadership of the firm, but it also highlights his personal commitment to each of his employees and the community.

He holds himself to the same high standard that he holds his employees, an attitude that has helped Ohio Mutual Insurance Group endure when others in the insurance industry have struggled.

His entrepreneurial spirit keeps everyone thinking about the future and puts them in a better position to adapt to change.

Kennedy wants employees to feel like a part of the business, so he meets with them every quarter to discuss progress toward goals as well as other successes and failures that the company has experienced.

It’s the enthusiasm he consistently feeds that continues to drive the firm forward.

How to reach: Ohio Mutual Insurance Group, (800) 686-3011 or http://public.omig.com