TriHealth Inc Featured

7:00pm EDT December 26, 2010

TriHealth Inc. is more than just a hospital chain; it is a conglomerate of caring people who work hard to give back to the community through their organization.

The acute care hospital chain, which includes Bethesda North Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital, is a mission-based organization that lives out the values of its sponsors using good stewardship in all decisions and by making a difference in the community by providing high-quality health care, acting for the benefit of the community, cooperating with physicians and other providers to coordinate health services, and educating the next generation of health care providers.

Led by President and CEO John Prout, TriHealth is committed to improving the health status of those it serves through programs to keep the community healthy. For example, it offers free CPR training kits to community organizations and provides equipment to emergency squads that allow them to transmit EKGs to hospitals for quicker diagnosis and treatment of heart attacks.

TriHealth also sponsored EmpowerMe4Life, a seven-week school program that promotes healthy lifestyles for area tweens, teaching them about the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating habits, and asking them to commit to eating five or more fruits or vegetables each day and getting one hour of daily physical exercise.

TriHealth also provides free health screenings to women who have limited access to health care, and a team takes prenatal care to the homes of pregnant women and new mothers. Through that program, which provides education and outreach, workers provide maternity education and monitor for problems and client concerns. In addition, the team advocates its clients, helping them uncover benefits that they might not know how to access.

Finally, its Seniors Connect to the Net program helps reduce the isolation of low-income older adults through the use of technology at the TriHealth SeniorLink Norwood Day Care Center, giving seniors access to technology.

Through all of these programs and others, TriHealth fulfills its mission to improve the health status of the people it serves by providing a full range of health-related services and providing care with compassion consistent with the values of the organization.

How to reach: TriHealth Inc.,">; Bethesda North Hospital, (513) 865-1111; Good Samaritan Hospital, (513) 862-1400