Renovating downtown Featured

8:07am EDT June 28, 2006
As a college student in Italy, C. William Weyland Jr. developed a passion for the preservation of old building.

Today, that passion has changed the landscape of downtown Louisville .

When it was founded in 1993, Weyland’s CITY Properties Group operated in the suburbs, designing communities and developing real estate. Then in 1989, Weyland scored his biggest coup to date with the purchase of the Kentucky Opera Building in downtown Louisville.

The building was older and had a historical flavor, but had fallen into disrepair. Following his passion, Weyland restored the building and transformed it into a mixed-use commercial and residential property while preserving its historical integrity.

That was just the first of many such projects for CITY Properties. It began acquiring historical buildings and transforming them into mixed-use commercial and residential properties while preserving their historical features.

The projects had their critics, and some pointed out that people were moving away from downtown, not toward it. But together with city leaders, CITY Properties took the lead, and as a result, the downtown area has been transformed from a rundown, blighted area with dilapidated old buildings into an up-and-coming area.

His projects include the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum, the Henry Clay project and the Glassworks building, an eight-story multi-use building housing office space, residences and Glassworks, where visitors can see art glass being made and also buy it.

Weyland’s strategy has been simple: He balances his entrepreneurial eye with his professional eye, waiting until the perfect opportunity arises.

CITY Properties has also expanded its business into realty sales, realty management, asset management and event planning. Weyland plans to continue that growth by identifying opportunities, studying the potential and being patient enough to turn down projects that don’t meet his criteria.

How to reach: CITY Properties Group, (502) 584-5523 or