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Energy expansion Featured

8:24am EDT June 28, 2006
Ren J. Robichaud was first introduced to NS Group Inc. when, while working for Smith Barney in 1996, he took on as a client the company, which supplies tubular products to the energy market.

Two years later, he helped to recapitalize the struggling company, finding a way for it to pay off its debt. But although the reorganization was helpful, events such as the Asian bird flu impacted the company, which was bleeding to the tune of $3 million a month.

In a bid to turn around NS Group, founder Cliff Borland in 1999 offered Robichaud the job of president.

Eight months later, Robichaud was CEO of the Newport, Ky.-based company and making wholesale management and board changes, reducing the number of insiders on the board and bringing in more independent members. As part of the reorganization, he sold off the glue section of the business to focus on MS Group’s core competencies.

In addition, with the help of his employees, he has:

  • Streamlined the organizational chart
  • Cross-trained employees to be able to sell all product lines to one customer
  • Negotiated with the union to alleviate grievances
  • Improved on-time delivery to all-time highs
  • Improved safety
  • Improved communication between himself and his employees, as well as with his customers

In the next few years, Robichaud wants the company to grow upwardly. The natural gas industry, which makes up 85 percent of the company’s business, is cyclical in nature, and Robichaud is looking ahead at what the future energy source will be and dealing with the energy concerns facing the world.

How to reach: NS Group Inc., (859) 292-7210 or www.nsgrouponline.com