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10:04am EDT June 28, 2006
For years, Ron Rosenbeck was a sales representative at Republic Wire Inc., learning the electrical business inside and out before becoming a part owner in the company.

But when he realized he wanted to manufacture copper instead of being a wholesaler or distributor, he decided to buy out the remaining partners and lead the company into new market opportunities.

Today, West Chester-based Republic Wire’s manufacturing plant distinguishes itself from its competitors through its automation and innovation. President and CEO Rosenbeck strives to automate as many of the manufacturing processes as possible, while creating detailed operation standards for his workers to follow when operating machinery. As a result, Republic Wire can ship twice the industry average of product for revenue per worker.

Rosenbeck also works to keep Republic Wire connected to its customers and changes its products to meet the clients’ needs.

The company also gains an edge by managing and listening to its manufacturing personnel. Rosenbeck created an advisory committee whose members are elected by the employees, giving them a direct line to the company’s management team. This has been an invaluable tool to helping Rosenbeck implement innovative ideas from employees and to address their concerns, creating a relaxed, informal relationship and open lines of communication.

That atmosphere of trust and employee empowerment will help ensure that the company can continue leading the industry in providing high-quality copper products while exceeding customer expectations in terms of service.

Looking forward, Rosenbeck is confident that the company’s opportunities in copper manufacturing will continue to grow. He believes there are many untapped niches in the domestic market for manufactured copper products,. Globally, he believes demand will greatly outweigh the supply of finished copper products.

How to reach: Republic Wire Inc., (513) 860-1800 or www.republicwire.com