The next level Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Pat and Dave McCurdy took over Midwest Motor Supply from their father in 1981, and three years later the brothers acquired The Kimball Co. and renamed the combined business Kimball Midwest.

Before this, the company’s sales were strong as it was, but the two were determined not to settle.

They wanted to double the company’s sales every five years and have been successful in doing so, but to do that, you have to have the internal mechanisms in place to motivate employees to get to that next level.

The McCurdys have a vision of what they want the company’s sales to look like in the year 2020, and to get there, they focus on recruiting, training and developing people. Without the proper infrastructure, they know they won’t achieve their goals.

They have a program that every salesperson works his or her way through during his or her first couple of years with the company. They have development programs in place to keep employees evolving, and salespeople have unlimited earning potential to keep them motivated.

Additionally, to make sure they get the right people, the McCurdys have employed psychological testing to ensure that the people they hire fit with the Kimball Midwest culture. Having the best people enabled the company to meet the needs of customers. Right now, 100 percent of orders received by 3 p.m. are processed with a 99 percent accuracy rate. While meeting high standards, the two continuously push everyone toward making a strong company stronger.

HOW TO REACH: Kimball Midwest, (800) 233-1294 or