Cool technology Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Gene Cooke has a pretty cool job. That’s not just a pun on the fact that Cold Jet LLC, the company where Cooke is president and CEO, is the premier dry ice blasting and dry ice production company. The fact is, Cooke gets to use the company’s capabilities to charge his people with the task of creating new technology.

To say that Cooke has been successful in putting that charge to his employees would be an understatement. Cold Jet was originally founded in 1986 on the concept of creating a cost-effective, environmentally responsible cleaning solution for the aviation industry. After signing an initial contract with the Air Force to expand on the still burgeoning technology, it was discovered that the cleaning process was too harsh for some aircraft.

So it was back to the drawing board for Cold Jet as it tried to make its technology smaller — the original cleaning systems were the size of a large trailer — and more practical.

Leading on the premise that technology would lead the company through hard times, Cold Jet became more and more efficient. Soon, Cold Jet was able to begin convincing other companies of the value of its cleaning capabilities, playing off the fact that its products contain no toxic chemicals or waste since CO2 vaporizes on contact while cleaning machines. Taking that technology to new fields — Cold Jet was able to help with the cleanup after the Hurricane Katrina disaster — Cooke has the company growing and on the verge of something even bigger.

HOW TO REACH: Cold Jet LLC, or (513) 831-3211