Righting the ship Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

David Herche can tell you that it’s not always easy being the one who has to make the decisions that change a company’s fortunes.

When Enerfab Inc., a design engineering company, which provides products and services for the food and beverage industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and the utility industry, came to Herche in 1987 it was in dire straits.

The bills had piled up far higher than the meager amounts of money the company was bringing in, and Herche, a CPA, was told he could have a fair share of whatever profits he could get from selling the company.

Instead of doing that, he took the company over. Taking equity in the company, he moved into the top spot and began a three-part plan to bring the company back to profitability.

He worked to diversify the company’s business to industries outside of the beer business, the main customer at the time. He also expanded the company’s technology mindset to make it a more forward-looking company that led to functional designs like a modification of tanks that would allow them to store orange juice. But the other part of the plan came a natural need to remove some personnel from the company because things were getting bogged down. Tough as those decisions can be, Herche did what he did and saved the company. The result of that painful stretch is a healthy company now where the employees are innovative and safe from those hard times.

HOW TO REACH: Enerfab Inc., (513) 641-0500 or www.enerfab.com