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8:00pm EDT August 26, 2008

Born: Smithtown, N.Y.

Education: Bachelor’s degree, architecture, The University of Cincinnati

First job: Working on a packaging assembly line

What is the most important business lesson you have learned?

Tough challenges and great successes are relatively short-lived in business but relationships endure. In a city like Cincinnati, you will always meet again. How you treat people, whether in your own company, your clients, your subcontractors or partners, is what is important in the long term.

What is the best business advice you’ve received?

From my boss and mentor Rich Homan: Make it easy for people to do the right thing.

What is your definition of success?

Having the luxury to do what you love with those you care about most. For me, that includes my family, my friends, my co-workers and my community.

What do you like best about being a leader?

Having the passion for our business and our people and having the authority to do something about it.

If you could have another job instead of being a general manager, what would that job be and why?

I always thought I would be a teacher — that was until I realized how tough a job it is and how talented you have to be to do it well.

Fun facts about Turner Construction:

  • National headquarters in New York City, with 42 locations across the country. Four locations in Ohio — Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo

  • Cincinnati location established in 1954

  • Cincinnati clients include The University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Public Schools, TriHealth and Towne Properties