Emergint Technologies Inc Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009


Health Care

Gil Delgado has paid his dues. But now he gets to run his company through his values.

Delgado, the president and CEO of Emergint Technologies Inc., has always wanted to run his own company. But on the way to founding Emergint, he had to work his way up in computer sales — despite having no computer experience. After a few successful stints, he ended up running a project where he was able to immerse himself in the world of public health. That helped him learn the ins and outs of health care data flow, and he realized he was starting to see a new market for a data-flow concept.

The result was Emergint, and success has followed as he’s been able to make his company his own way.

Delgado believes in taking an ethical approach to business, personally interviewing each member of Emergint’s management team to discuss and emphasize teamwork, integrity and culture as the mainstays of the company. These meetings emphasize his example of integrity and also allow employees a chance to offer input and creativity. As Emergint has grown, Delgado has even turned down business and partnering opportunities because he wasn’t sure that a high level of integrity was a focal point for the potential client or partner.

Beyond setting the tone for integrity, Delgado gives his employees a great place to work. He’s sponsored employee morale initiatives like company picnics, bowling and golf outings and the “Emergint Great Rib-off,” where employees submitted their favorite rib restaurants and the company lunched at one per week and voted on the best. Additionally, employees are able to create their own schedules and work from home when necessary. All of this has led to employee retention of more than 92 percent.

Delgado also gives back to the community, setting another example for his employees. Because he’s a single parent, he prefers to give to children’s causes, sponsoring a variety of local events for kids.

How to reach: Emergint Technologies Inc., (502) 896-6210 or www.emergint.com