The Hassey file Featured

6:07am EDT July 26, 2005
Born: Boston, 1956

Education: Undergraduate, Boston College, 1979; MBA, Carnegie Mellon University, 1981

First job: Procter & Gamble, brand management

What has been your greatest business challenge?

Finding great people.

What has been your toughest business challenge?

Personnel decisions. [I try to handle them] fairly and with as many facts as possible. Sometimes you’ve just got to make tough decisions, and I really want to be fair, but I don’t shy away from them.

I believe in making them sooner verses later. Things that become tough don’t usually get better over time; they get worse over time if you just let them sit.

What has been your greatest business lesson?

It’s have a great product first. A great marketer on a lousy product isn’t going to go anywhere. Even a moderately successful sales driver on a great product will do really well.

I’m quite lucky that we have great people and a great product. We change people’s lives.

Whom do you admire most in business, and why?

Jack Welch. I admire him for his focus on winning, not just on playing the game.