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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010
Business Services

The Geode Group, founded by Tim and Chris Morrison, uses its coaching and training philosophies to help the resources at their clients to recognize their own capabilities.

The entire fabric of The Geode Group’s covenant and concepts is distinctive, creative, customized and highly innovative. The company actually set out to design a counterintuitive sales process that was opposite of what is commonly accepted. The high probability resource sales process and corresponding products and services focus not on flashy or slick selling techniques but are instead based on the blue-collar approach of basic communication that the Morrison brothers learned in childhood and early in their professional careers. They took what worked for them and mapped it out into a repeatable process so that their clients could duplicate the steps necessary to prevent them from failing, from being rejected and from being told no.

The Geode Group proved that, if it could minimize the probability of a client failing, it could increase the likelihood of its client’s success. That success actually builds confidence and courage, two very essential attributes for anyone communicating directly with customers. The basic blocking and tackling that the Morrisons instilled in their clients was nothing more than simple, honest and empathetic approach to first learning what buyers need and then honestly assessing if there is a fit between the buyers’ need and the sellers’ true value.

Their unique process helps clients avoid common sales traps and guarantees a return on investment — and some clients have seen ROI as high as 5,000 percent. The company has also introduced a “Knowledge Quest” process tool to help clients gauge their own customers’ businesses, industry viewpoints, needs and challenges.

How to reach: The Geode Group, (513) 777-4585 or