Community outreach Featured

7:00pm EDT December 26, 2010

Giving monetary donations or showing support through donating your time are certainly great ways and appreciated ways to help those less fortunate or in need of help. However, The Eisen Agency and its employees do more than just write a check or volunteer their time to those who seek the help of the public relations and marketing firm.

The Eisen Agency and Rodger Roeser, president and owner, have a proud and longstanding tradition of giving back to the community through assisting worthwhile nonprofit organizations with their time and talent.

As part of the agency’s “Operation: Outreach” initiative, each member of The Eisen Agency adopts a charity for which the employee gives his or her time, talent and perhaps treasure. The team members offer and provide their expertise to a host of worthwhile organizations and have provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in pro bono marketing, advertising, website and public relations assistance to dozens of worthy causes including: The WAVE Foundation, The Brighton Center, Kindervelt, Over the Rhine Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Westwood, The Amputee Coalition, Split Rock Conservation Park and more. The agency provided everything from developing professional quality logos and collateral material to public service announcements, publicity programs and websites.

By providing professional quality materials and increased awareness, the organizations receiving the help of The Eisen Agency see significantly increased visibility, which has helped to significantly increase their donor base, sponsorships and collections.

One such example was one of the 2009 recipients of Operation: Outreach, Split Rock Conservation Park. The Eisen Agency helped to fully redesign its website. Listening to all the details and functions that Split Rock wanted in its new website, The Eisen Agency expanded upon their ideas and built them a critical element to driving more people to the park and to help spread the word about their business. The redesign of the website was estimated at $5,000, and the people at Split Rock said, “It wasn’t just a grant but a gift.”

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