Changing an industry Featured

8:09am EDT June 28, 2006
David Blauer has always been determined to make his own way, and he followed that passion to found Click4Care.

Previously, he’d spent more than a decade working in large organizations, including The Limited, GE Capital and AT&T Solutions. That early experience gave him a solid business foundation, including experience in building business plans, cash modeling and business operations that served him well when he left corporate America to start his own company.

During the dot-com craze in the late ‘90s, Blauer served as senior vice president of Industry Ventures at Digital Evolution, a Paul Allen venture. There, he was involved in the Starbright Foundation, which is dedicated to the development of projects that empower seriously ill children to combat medical and emotional challenges. That experience gave Blauer the idea of creating an end-to-end medical management software solution.

Personal drive, prior experience and financial capital he received from the Digital Evolution IPO led to the founding of Click4Care Inc. After seeing firsthand the imperfections of the health care system, such as patients who felt disconnected from having a role in their care, Blauer committed to designing a technology platform that would improve the quality of care.

He founded the company in 1999 with investors Jan-Erik Lundberg and Chris Steffen, and in the beginning, he was the only employee. He invented and authored 2,137 software design and requirements documents to lay the groundwork for developing every click in Click4Care’s groundbreaking software, a development effort that ultimately required 300,000 man hours and 4 million lines of code.

His biggest hurdle was convincing major health care providers to sign multimillion-dollar contracts based on a concept and his credibility rather than on actual software, which was not produced until he had the first customer contract. He did it by telling potential clients the truth — including possible shortcomings —and without sales support, he pursued and closed his company’s first five customers.

Today, Click4Care operates in a national market with global aspirations in the United Kingdom and Germany. Blauer’s target customer bases are health insurance claim payment, disease management and prescription benefit management companies.

How to reach: Click4Care Inc., (614) 839-9959 or