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Heart to heart Featured

8:26am EDT June 28, 2006
When a father died of a heart attack in the emergency room because of the prolonged wait time it took for him to receive care, Dr. Tony Joseph became determined to make a difference in ER cardiology.

That passion and determination led him to develop a process to improve the cardiology services provided to patients and to help hospitals to better serve patients and to realize a financial benefit.

For more than a decade, Joseph, founder, president and CEO of Upper Arlington-based AMC Registry Inc., has been developing and refining the Chest Pain Process Improvement Service (CPPIS). The service includes The Chest Pain Registry, the first registry to cover all acute coronary syndromes, as well as chest pain of any etiology.

CPPIS is an operational model for Chest Pain Centers, founded in Florida in 1995 when a for-profit health care network became interested in integrating 14 of its facilities clinically. The center incorporates process improvement for care related to acute coronary syndrome.

AMC has applied its chest pain initiative at more than 100 hospitals with more than 60,000 patients.

Joseph says that implementing CPPIS across the country will give more than 1 million patients having heart attacks, and millions more with undiagnosed chest pain each year, the opportunity for better care.

In addition, because strokes are the third-leading cause of death in American adults and the leading cause of long-term disability, AMC has tweaked its CPPIS method to gear it to the areas of stroke and hyperlipidemia.

In addition to his work at AMC, Joseph is a board-certified emergency department physician; chairman of the section of observational medicine - ACEP; former clinical coordinator of the National Registry of Myocardial Infarction at Riverside Hospital; and former chairman of the Riverside Hospital Emergency Department.

How to reach: AMC Registry, (614) 457-9190 or www.amcincius.com