The Lykins file Featured

10:35am EDT August 29, 2006
Place of birth: Cincinnati

Milford High School; attended the University of Cincinnati.

First job:
A Petroleum Transfer Engineer: I started pumping gas at 11.

Whom do you admire most in business and why?
My father, his work and business ethics, along with his ability to read his gut, have always been an inspiration.

What is the most important business lesson you’ve learned?
Make your decision with the best information available, take, action and move forward. Don’t ever think or say, “If only I had ... ”

What has been your toughest business challenge?
It is ongoing. Being in the petroleum business, everyone automatically puts us in the same basket as the majors, i.e. BP and Exxon. We’re not, we’re the guys in the middle that get the petroleum to the consumer.

There is also the frustration that gasoline in the U.S. is still one of the best deals on the planet. You will pay more per gallon for bottled water, and (water) falls free from the sky.

Describe your leadership style:
Provide people with the responsibility, the knowledge and, most importantly, the authority to do their job. Let them know it’s perfectly OK to make mistakes as long as they learn from them and that there is no question too dumb to ask.