How Frederic Holzberger taps into his past to give others a future Featured

3:33pm EDT January 3, 2013
How Frederic Holzberger taps into his past to give others a future

Cincinnati Pillar Award Finalist

Frederic Holzberger, Founder, Aveda Fredric’s Institute | (513) 533-0700


Frederic Holzberger’s passion for giving has deep roots that stretch back to his childhood when he himself faced a number of struggles growing up.

It was with that history in mind that Holzberger, founder of Aveda Fredric’s Institute, became intrigued by Sister Bonnie Steinlage. Steinlage is a Franciscan sister of the poor who received her cosmetology license to cut hair for the homeless and less fortunate.

Holzberger was introduced to her by a mutual friend and instantly wanted to help. He donated much needed product and financial support to Steinlage’s new salon, St. John Daymaker, near downtown Cincinnati, and began plans to create a salon on wheels.

Project Daymaker soon came to life as a Winnebago that had been transformed into a traveling salon where licensed volunteers could use their talents to provide much-needed haircuts to men, women and children. More than 10,000 people have been helped by this service and been re-energized to pursue a new job or just a better way of life.

Holzberger shares his philanthropic philosophy with his people using the words, “Giving back is not optional; it’s critical to the health and well-being of our community.” He teaches students about the power of giving back and the change that can be made through each person’s generosity.

The result is a group of students, staff and guests that always have their eyes open for the next opportunity to help someone who needs it.