How Charles Woode is helping The Healthcare Connection maintain a high service level Featured

4:00pm EDT January 3, 2013
How Charles Woode is helping The Healthcare Connection maintain a high service level

2013 Nonprofit Board Executive

Charles H. Woode

Board treasurer/finance committee chairman

The HealthCare Connection

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For more than 12 years, Charles H. Woode has tirelessly contributed his time and talent to The HealthCare Connection. Since joining the board in 2000, Woode has served the board in a number of roles, including as chairman from 2002 to ’05. Woode has also served as the chairman of the HR committee, and he currently serves as the board treasurer and finance committee chairman.

To demonstrate his commitment to maintaining a high service level, Woode attended the National Association of Community Health Centers board member boot camp training program. The program provides new and veteran board members with an overview of four key governance responsibilities: legal and liability, administration/personnel policy and procedural development, financial responsibilities, and clinical aspects of the health center.

Woode used what he learned during the training program to help The HealthCare Connection secure state and federal government funding to build a new Lincoln Heights Health Center.

With the help of Woode’s leadership, the capital campaign committee was able to raise $6 million in federal, state and local dollars to build the new community health center, which opened in 2004. Woode saw what a positive impact the center had on its immediate neighborhood and committed to extending its impact, allowing the center to reach other high-need areas of poverty beyond Lincoln Heights. The new center’s service area now extends to 13 political jurisdictions in northern Hamilton County, including Arlington Hills, Forest Park, Glendale, Greenhills, Lockland and Pleasant Run.