The Kenny file Featured

7:00pm EDT February 28, 2007

Place of birth: Long Island, N.Y.

Education: Georgetown University, liberal arts and business, MBA First job: Foreign service officer with the U.S. Foreign Service

What are your favorite business publications?

I find that the most powerful thing for me is looking at the Financial Times, which does a tremendous job capturing global ideas and events.

Whom do you admire most in business and why?

I admire the folks that work here and in other companies without the celebration of their deeds but just show up every day, do the right thing for the company and care deeply about their company. They’re not the celebrities, but in the end, they enable our success.

What are the most important qualities a CEO should possess?

A great sense of what’s right. Fairness and humility are critical. The ability to be courageous and to act when it’s pretty lonely at the top, the willingness to make a decision, as opposed to punt or send for more information, and a high level of energy and curiosity.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Hands-on. It’s probably pretty deep into the facts and issues, but in the end you want people to succeed because they want to please themselves and please others, not because they’re afraid of you or even afraid to fail. I give feedback on the spot privately when I see an area where they’ve done well or they’ve not done well. You can’t get better when you discourage people from telling you when they think you’re off course or they have a different opinion.