Partnering for success Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Bob James and Tony Izquierdo used to work for competing companies, but over the years, despite the competition, they respected and admired each other, and a friendship was born. Eventually the two found themselves working for the same company, and they bonded even more through a common idea for a business venture to start an infusion company.

After investigating the market and seeing it had a shrinking profit margin, James and Izquierdo didn’t give up. They modified their idea from an infusion company into a home health care provider, now known as Care Connection of Cincinnati.

When they started, James performed all the patient care because he’s a registered nurse, and Izquierdo handled all the marketing. They both went through six months of being on call 24 hours a day, but at the end of that period they started to see a positive cash flow. Care Connection is now the largest independent, locally owned home health care provider in the Greater Cincinnati area, and was named to the Top 500 “HomeCare Elite” list by Home Health Line magazine. The magazine evaluated close to 7,000 agencies across the nation and ranked Care Connection in the top 7 percent.

James and Izquierdo pride themselves on how they’ve gotten to where they are, but they know they also have to continue looking forward. They invest in research to discover, test and develop new treatment options and approaches to care to help them continue providing the best service for customers.

HOW TO REACH: Care Connection of Cincinnati, (513) 842-1101