Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians Inc Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

Thomas Bishop could have left well

enough alone. After more than 30 years in

the medical field, including stints as a

CFO and a CEO for clinics around the

U.S., he didn’t need to prove that he could

start all over again at Central Ohio

Primary Care Physicians Inc. and shoot to

the top.

But after joining the company as CEO in

2000, he’s helped lead COPCP’s unique business model to new heights by leveraging a

smarter network system that takes advantage of numbers to give physicians better

choices for their independence.

COPCP has developed a primary care

medical group, providing the advantages

of a single tax ID organization while providing the individual practices the autonomy to function almost like a private


Those who join COPCP’s group get better

reimbursements, buying power, administrative services and employee benefits that

they almost certainly couldn’t provide on

their own. Beyond those basic functions,

the group opens up revenue opportunities

from laboratory, radiology and cardiovascular services. All of these perks come in a

group that is 100 percent physician-owned,

with an easy system that lets physicians

come and go on their own terms.

Leading such a dynamic group, Bishop

has been able to form a solid base that

attracts the highest quality physicians

who wish to retain their entrepreneurial


With that model in place, COPCP, which

started with 33 physicians in eight locations in 1996, has ballooned to 175 physicians practicing in 39 locations with

roughly 1,000 employees.

HOW TO REACH: Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians, (614)

326-2672 or www.copcp.com