Navigator Management Partners LLC Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2008

David K. Schoettmer got his start and his

early success at a traditional ‘Big 6’ firm,

but his talent has really shown through in

his vision for a regional consulting services team that focuses on local markets to

eliminate unnecessary travel and overhead costs to differentiate itself from others in the market.

With roughly 50 consulting professionals focused solely on Navigator

Management Partners LLC’s home market, the company is able to deliver superior project delivery and return on

investment to clients it knows well.

But having a client-focused company in

the services industry is not enough.

Schoettmer realized that in order to win

his team would have to have the most talented and experienced people. So he created an atmosphere at the company that

focused on being a top place to work,

making work-life balance the forefront of

the culture. That mindset manifests itself

in the training and personal development

budget that is 30 percent of the total compensation based on the individual’s ability

to become engaged in entitywide decision-making, consulting engagements and

through devotion to the local communities Navigator serves.

Schoettmer’s approach to his clients

and employees has enabled him to have

better than 90 percent client retention

and satisfaction while keeping his

turnover rate of less than 10 percent. In

an industry with traditional turnover

rates around 15 percent, Navigator has

been able to retain its top people and put

the tools together to grow quickly and

truly serve its local clients.

HOW TO REACH: Navigator Management Partners LLC, (614)

796-0090 or