Jones Plastic and Engineering Co. LLC Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2010


Consumer Products

Some leaders would say they’d run into a burning building for their company. But Craig Jones actually did.

He took over as CEO of the family company, Jones Plastic & Engineering Co. LLC, in 1994. Simultaneously, his brother took the helm of Rev-A-Shelf, its specialized product line for functional storage organizational products.

Jones made a strategic decision to take the thermoplastics manufacturer global by purchasing a facility in Mexico, where cost was lower. Eventually, the company built an additional plant in Mexico and expanded into China.

By 2000, Jones had grown the company to six production facilities. His brother decided to leave Rev-A-Shelf, providing the perfect opportunity to merge the two management teams, making a more cohesive unit. That move grew both segments — tripling Rev-A-Shelf revenue from seven years prior and establishing it as the largest manufacturer of functional storage organizational products in the world.

While visiting a facility in Mexico in 2003, Jones received a call at his hotel that a fire started in the back of the plant. As firefighters fought the flames that were moving toward the front of the building, Jones rushed in to save what he could before they noticed. The plant was rebuilt and running again at full strength in less than six months.

Jones’ dedication serves as an example to employees, but he goes beyond that to give them ownership in their positions.

Jones Plastic adopted lean manufacturing to give all of its employees the opportunity to streamline processes in their areas.

Employee commitment continues to grow because they possess the autonomy to instigate change and drive business growth from the ground up.

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