Internetworking technology Featured

8:00pm EDT May 26, 2007

Companies today transfer large amounts of data to and from business partners and customers. With identity theft and security breaches so prevalent, these companies use the same technologies to protect data as they do to transfer the information.

“All successful companies use some type of Internetworking,” says Todd Hash, national practice director of Internetworking and IT services of Pomeroy IT Solutions. Internetworking is the combination of many advanced technologies such as unified communication, voice-over technologies and wireless security devices. Two major technology companies are Cisco and Nortel networks.

Smart Business spoke with Hash about Internetworking and the assessments used to design a system to fit a company’s needs.

What is Internetworking?

Internetworking covers various types of technology. Companies rely on this technology to perform numerous daily tasks and advanced services. These services vary in each industry but include such systems as security in bank transactions and secured patient information in hospitals. Internetworking can be used to collect data and transfer information, but security is always a factor. In order for a company to be successful, it must protect the information of the business and its customers.

Business-to-business transactions often take place that require high levels of security as information is passed from each entity. Programs can be designed and put in place on an individual basis to ensure the protection of a company’s largest asset: data.

How can Internetworking be used to improve a company?

Such technology is necessary for a company to stay competitive in its market because it allows them to operate efficiently by improving its communication both internally and externally, which directly impacts employee efficiency, company processes and customer satisfaction.

Internetworking technologies designed by certified IT companies are also compliant with the requirements of the industry in which they are placed. Network infrastructure assessments are used to determine what programs a company needs and if the programs in place are compliant with industry standards. These assessments provide a complete blueprint of the network. They show what is in place, what operations carry out what procedures and identify any gaps in the network. A professional IT company should run the analysis and then sit down with business owners and review the assessment. At this point, an IT staff can point out any gaps and predict where any outages may occur, as well as point out if a company’s system is noncompliant.

Why are assessments of Internetworking important?

It enables a company to streamline processes and create a secure network. These assessments help make sure the systems are compliant. They help reduce costs because they highlight redundancies in a network and point out if programs are completing the same tasks. This can help cut programs and increase networking thereby increasing productivity for a company.

Business owners may be shocked to find these assessments show that they are using legacy equipment and there is new equipment on the market that will do more work for a reduced price. With the help of IT professionals and assessments, outages and security breaches can be protected. Assessments help companies align their networks with their business plans.

What do they need to consider or evaluate before implementing such systems?

The assessment is critical because it is the blueprint of the network. This blueprint will show if the programs meet the company needs. Companies should use IT professionals to run the assessments, design adequate programs and implement the programs into a company’s network.

To use the best company possible one should find an IT group with a wide variety of trained engineers. With engineers experienced in every industry, a company is sure to find the programs and services needed to be successful in their industry.

One should also think about the investment. The costs of these assessments are very minimal and can help companies increase productivity and save money in the long run.

How does properly designed Internetworking protect a company?

There are always minimal risks with technology but in today’s world there is no other option than Internetworking. Companies have to rely on networks to monitor potential breaches and protect their information. With the proper assessment, gap analysis is provided and an IT company can provide specialized software packages that offer protection based on the needs of your company.

A company with a great engineering base will provide the best protection. A business owner should look for an IT provider who works on a national basis.

TODD HASH is the national practice director of Internetworking and IT services of Pomeroy IT Solutions. Reach him at (800) 846-8727.