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8:00pm EDT June 25, 2007

Robert W. Litter dabbles in a little bit of everything, but with each endeavor he pursues, he makes sure to do it the best possible way.

As president and CEO of Litter Industries Inc., he has grown up in this family company, but in his tenure, he’s made calculated decisions to advance the company.

Litter Quality Propane is the oldest entity in the company’s portfolio, and it services more than 5,000 residential, commercial and agricultural customers in 12 counties. The company’s biggest challenge is the winter months. It preorders propane before the cold weather strikes, but it now uses electronic meters to remain competitive. The meters are installed on each tank so customers and the company know how much propane is left before the tank runs empty, which allows the company to make fewer trips and work more efficiently.

The company has also been in the beer, wine and spirits industry since 1948, but Litter made the decision a few years ago to focus on just Anheuser-Busch products, and he sold off all the other lines. The risk paid off as Litter operates two distributing facilities, which account for about 60 percent of the top-line revenue.

On top of that, Litter bought a motorcycle back in the ’70s, and he liked it so much he bought the entire Honda motorcycle dealership. He went on to add Suzuki and Harley-Davidson lines, and while motorcycle sales have slowed in recent years, his dealership is rated No. 22 in the country.

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